July 23, 2013

A GRAND EXPERIMENT: I’m going to try opening comments on InstaPundit, as the new rollout of tech at PJ Media will allow one sign-in to work across the whole site. I’ve opened ’em up before — and, for that matter, Ann Althouse did it once when I was away, to much excitement — but this new system should be much better. It’s set up so you can ignore them if you like — you’ll have to affirmatively choose to see them by clicking on the little balloon image. To comment, you’ll need a PJ sign-in, but that’s easy — just click on “register” at the upper right. Or, if you hate the idea of having comments on InstaPundit, just continue as usual and nothing will be different.

One note: I don’t know how much time I’ll spend reading comments (I’ve taken to quoting Napoleon’s “Ask me for anything but time!” a lot lately) but if you have a correction, or something else of considerable importance, just email me as usual. And take note of the Comment Guidelines.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, from Althouse, some thoughts on going comment-free.

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