July 12, 2013

MY DAUGHTER CHALLENGED MY SUGGESTION that if she adopted a kitten it might be abducted by “international cat speculators.” She doubted that such a market exists:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.10.26 PM

I explained that they’re obviously just underground international cat speculators, but she remains unconvinced. But I guess this does mean that I’m the very first person to use the phrase “international cat speculators” on the Internet. Which is something.

UPDATE: Wow, give Google the edge for speed on this one. Less than ten minutes after I posted, it’s already showing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A minute or so later on Bing. Still not showing on DuckDuckGo.

MORE: Reader James Durso writes: “You may be the first person to use the phrase “international cat speculators” on the Internet but I bet the Booz Allen contingent at NSA is working up a contract mod to address this alarming new threat…” And in future years they’ll brag about the success of their program!

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