July 11, 2013

THE PARTY OF OLD PEOPLE WITH OUTDATED IDEAS: NPR: Despite Youth Support, Democrats Having A Senior Moment.

Voters under the age of 30 were key to President Obama’s electoral success. But Obama’s going gray and his most prominent potential successors aren’t paragons of youth.

Hillary Clinton, who would be the presumptive Democratic favorite for president the minute she decided to run, will be 69 in 2016. Vice President Biden is already 70.

The party’s congressional leaders aren’t spring chickens, either. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California are both 73. Pelosi’s top two lieutenants in House leadership are also septuagenarians.

Overall, the of Democrats in Congress tops 60, with the party’s caucuses in both the House and Senate skewing older than the Republicans.

“Their leadership is out of step with their base,” says GOP consultant David Carney. “It’s also very white and main-line religious.”

Despite all this, Democrats harbor little doubt that they can continue to run up big margins among young voters.

As long as they retain their support in Hollywood and the news media, they’re probably right.

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