July 7, 2013

SHOCKER: Old And Sick Swamp ObamaCare Rolls.

One result of the Obamacare employer mandate delay is increased pressure on the exchanges: if employers drop coverage of their employees, or even simply don’t offer coverage to currently uninsured employees, more people will have to migrate to the exchanges to fulfill the individual mandate. But the delay isn’t the only unexpected new influx into the Obamacare exchanges. Both Detroit and Chicago are hoping to save money and reduce pension obligations by moving retirees off city health care plans and onto the exchanges. . . .

It’s not clear yet what the outcome of this will be, or whether other states or cities will adopt this tactic. But one thing is true: Obamacare’s success depends in large part on enough healthy young Americans signing up for insurance to balance a risk pool that will now include the previously uninsured sick. If, in addition to them, tons of currently insured older Americans are going to lose their insurance and be kicked onto the exchanges, the number of younger people signing up for coverage has to be that much higher to counteract those new people entertaining the exchanges.

The ACA, to put it gently, is already on shaky ground.

Kill it off before it kills us.

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