July 4, 2013

JAMES TARANTO: The Face of Extremism: The pro-abortion left lionizes a foe of mild regulation.

As Powers notes, the bill Davis blocked “would have made it illegal for mothers to abort babies past 20 weeks of pregnancy, except in the case of severe fetal abnormalities or to protect the life or health of the mother.” That “health of the mother” is a huge loophole, but probably necessary for the bill to withstand judicial scrutiny under the Casey regime. But to Gillespie’s point, a partial ban on abortion after 20 weeks–more than halfway through the second trimester–is precisely the sort of moderate restriction that Gillespie claims to approve of most Americans’ supporting (even if he himself does not).

The bill would also establish “regulations on abortion clinics similar to what was passed in Pennsylvania in 2011 after the Gosnell horror,” Powers writes. That is, they would be regulated as ambulatory (outpatient) surgical centers. Over at Slate, feminist caricature Amanda Marcotte, describes such regulations as “an attempt by the religious right to impose their faith-based views on the rest of us.”

So tell us, Amanda, does the injunction to regulate ambulatory surgical centers appear in the Old Testament or the New?

I’m pro-choice, but it’s ridiculous to hear people talking about restrictions on 24-week abortions as “Republicans coming to take control of your vagina.”

UPDATE: Reader Robert Crawford writes: “Wendy Davis is the new Cindy Sheehan.”

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