July 4, 2013

THEY’RE TOO BUSY HELPING O.J. LOOK FOR THE REAL KILLERS: FBI Has Yet To Contact IRS-Targeted Tea Party Groups. “On May 14, the FBI claimed they launched an investigation into the IRS fiasco. FBI Director Robert Mueller was famously told Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on June 13 that he didn’t know the name of the lead investigator at the Bureau spearheading the effort. That’s almost a month into the alleged investigation. This is a national story. It’s a major scandal – and you don’t know who the point guy, or gal, that’s tasked with getting to the bottom of this debacle? Joe Schoffstall at CNS News reported on July 2 a disturbing development in this case. There’s virtually no FBI investigation. In fact, the FBI has yet to contact any of the groups targeted by the IRS.”

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