July 3, 2013

J.D. TUCCILLE: Snowden Took a Job To Leak NSA Secrets? Cool. Let’s Have More Like Him at the DOJ, IRS …

In the age of Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press and Fox News’s James Rosen, wouldn’t we benefit from a whisteblower who deliberately took a position to find out just how many journalists the feds are spying on? I’ll bet there are just a few more lurking in the files.

How about Internal Revenue Service targeting of political organizations? This is a recurring problem dating back decades. Rather than wait for IRS officials to slip revelations out themselves in hopes of minimizing the impact, an infiltrator or two would be a welcome way to keep a close eye on a long-abusive agency.

And now that the federal government is centralizing control over health care, wouldn’t you like to keep a closer eye on how it wields its new power? Especially since we know that it will be sharing patient records without our consent? The government already considers our medical data to be a rich vein it can mine for its own purposes, and it does so with little respect for our privacy.

Bore from within, as part of a long libertarian march through the institutions.

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