June 30, 2013

SANDMONKEY: Dear World, pay attention: Muslims protesting in the millions against Islamism. This is Historic.

Check out this pic. Wow.

UPDATE: How’s that “smart diplomacy” workin’ out for ya?

The demonstrators maintain Morsi has become a power-hungry autocrat who is intent on making the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt’s permanent ruling party.

They also blame the Obama administration and U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson for propping up Morsi and facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood’s power grab.

“We are very critical of the Obama administration because they have been supporting the Brotherhood like no one has ever supported them,” Shadi Al Ghazali Harb, a 24-year-old member of Egypt’s Revolutionary Youth Coalition, told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday afternoon during a telephone interview from Cairo.

The White House is “the main supporter of the Brotherhood,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the American support this president would have fallen months ago.”

Al Ghazali Harb specifically dubbed Patterson “the first enemy of the revolution,” claiming “she is hated even more than Morsi.”

Ouch. If it’s any consolation, a lot of us aren’t so crazy about her either. . . .

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Saw the photos of the protest marches in Eqypt. Time to walk like an Egyptian.” Yeah, the Tea Party marches in DC a couple of years ago were huge, but this is much bigger — and in every city.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More: “What is bizarre is that Obama hasn’t just tolerated the Brotherhood’s rise to power, he has abetted it. It would be defensible to argue that we have little power to influence events in Egypt, and, moreover, attempts on our part to exercise influence are likely to backfire; therefore we should stand aside and do nothing. But why Obama would consider it a good idea to put America’s thumb on the scale on the side of the Brotherhood is beyond me.”

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