June 26, 2013

PER SCOTUSBLOG, Clinton-Era “Defense Of Marriage Act” struck down 5-4.

UPDATE: Here is the opinion.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Based on a quick read, this seems like the key sentence: “What the State of New York treats as alike the federal law deems unlike by a law designed to injure the same class the State seeks to protect.”

MORE: “Future Bill Clinton quote: ‘I always thought DOMA would be overturned, that’s why I signed it into law.'”

STILL MORE: Prop. 8 case goes on standing grounds, as expected. Ann Althouse has more.

Much more at Legal Insurrection and the Volokh Conspiracy.

FINALLY: Jonah Goldberg has the last word: Missing the big story on SCOTUS gay marriage ruling? Court delivers huge win to pro-SSM Koch brothers! #heh. Heh, indeed.

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