June 26, 2013

MASSACHUSETTS: Democratic Machine Bashes Supreme Court on Affirmative Action, Crushes Latino For Old White Guy. “Democrats say they love diversity except when it comes to one-party rule. Gomez would have been the first Latino U.S. senator from Massachusetts but liberal media and Democrats ignored that and said Gomez wasn’t ‘one of us’ because he was wealthy. So they backed the old white guy while complaining about the Supreme Court gutting affirmative action.”

UPDATE: More evidence of racism: “As the Chief Justice noted in oral argument in Shelby County, the state with the largest gap between white and black voter turnout is Massachusetts.”

Reader Michael Poulos comments: “When I was in college, the liberal joke was that conservatives thought that all the world’s problems would be solved if we could just reset history to the status quo of 50 years ago. Looks like the nostalgia wheel has turned.”

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