May 22, 2013

THE HILL: Senate Judiciary Committee advances immigration reform bill. “The Senate Judiciary Committee voted with a strong bipartisan majority Tuesday evening to advance comprehensive immigration legislation that would put 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship. The legislation also lifts caps on high-skilled workers and creates a new visa program for low-skilled workers.”

Related: Leahy withdraws LGBT measure from Senate immigration bill. Sorry, gays. Obama prefers Latinos to you. But thanks for all the contributions!

Also: Unions rip Schumer’s deal on H-1B visas. “The deal was a coup for the tech industry, which had been lobbying aggressively behind the scenes to build support for Hatch’s proposals on H-1B visas. It was also a step forward for members of the Gang of Eight, who see Hatch’s support as key to securing votes from other on-the-fence Republican senators. . . . But the effort has angered the nation’s largest labor federation, which was deeply involved in the negotiations over the original bill and is a key supporter. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued a blistering statement on Hatch’s amendments Tuesday afternoon, calling them ‘unambiguous attacks on American workers,’ as the federation vowed to fight them on the Senate floor.”

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