April 29, 2013

I WONDER IF YOU CAN: Imagine A Conservative L.A. Times.

Is it really impossible to imagine a conservative newspaper?

Why no. I don’t have to even imagine. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post spring readily to mind. So do smaller papers from smaller cities, like New Hampshire’s Union Leader.

Moreover, while the urban demographic does skew liberal, the bright red line for most of that demographic is social conservatism, not free-marketeers. And the Kochs are not, as far as I know, much interested in social conservatism. You certainly don’t fund a magazine like Reason if you’re against gay marriage and for the War on Drugs. Don’t get me wrong: most urbanites are liberalish on government spending, too. But they’re not offended by it, the way they are by, say, vocal pro-lifers. And when their taxes go up, or crime gets bad, the average run of urban voter can sound pretty darn conservative. Most media organizations are probably to the left of their readership on taxes, spending, and crime.


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