April 2, 2013

MARK STEYN: The Ascent of Man:

Re that New York Times notice regretting its “mischaracterization” of “the Christian holiday of Easter”, Michael Walsh is right to point out that the “correction” is equally idiotic. As Michael says, what does “resurrection into heaven” even mean? How could any expensively credentialed J-school grad type those words?

Where I think Michael understates the case is when he says that it reveals the Times as know-nothings to 1.2 billion Catholics. Leaving aside the massed ranks of Anglicans, Methodists et al, it exposes the Times to believers and non-believers alike as culturally ignorant.

One suspects that they’d be far more embarrassed to make a similar error with regard to Buddhism. Meanwhile, as Michael Walsh comments: “They say you tend to believe what you read in the newspaper until the story concerns something you actually know about. The Times has just proven to 1.2 billion Catholics around the world that it knows nothing about their religion. Read it on all subjects accordingly.”

UPDATE: Andrew Klavan: The New York Times Resurrects An Old Joke.

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