April 2, 2013

WHITE MEN DON’T COUNT: Robert VerBruggen on the demographics of mass shooters. “Certainly, mass shooters differ from other murderers (and from the general population) in various ways. But mass shooters are not as overwhelmingly white as the authors imply, and the conclusions they draw are utterly bizarre. . . . Nowhere do the authors give the only two numbers that matter: the percentage of mass shootings committed by white males, and the percentage of mass shootings we might normally expect to be committed by white males.” Well, that wouldn’t fit the narrative. “I’m not sure this even deserves a response, but take a look at the numbers for murder in general. Blacks are dramatically overrepresented. Has anyone demanded that blacks as a group, not just the individual murderers, be ‘held accountable’? Has anyone said that black organizations that suggest ways of reducing violence should be scrutinized more heavily than non-black groups that similarly offer solutions? Of course not.”

It’s fine to be a racist bigot in America, as long as you’re a bigot in support of Democratic causes. Which, come to think of it, is how things were in Bull Connor’s day, too.

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