March 29, 2013

WAS FLIPPER A SWINGER?:   The famous TV dolphin apparently had a secret life.  This Vanity Fair story reveals the secrets of dolphin “superpods”– namely, that they are non-stop orgies:

As for the fabled orgy, it turns out that dolphins are one of the most promiscuous animals on the planet. They don’t mate just for reproduction. They enjoy sex. It’s a social binder for them, like a handshake. On a good day a dolphin can have sex 50 times. Dolphins do it with everyone . . . old, young, big, small, even family members. Homosexual behavior is common, as is masturbation; dolphins have even been known to make advances at human beings. The dark side of the dolphin—the turd in the superpod—is that sometimes dolphin sex can be violent and nonconsensual. Rape and gang rape happens. We did not see any of that, though. This seemed to be a law-abiding lot.

Now we know why dolphins always look like they’re smiling.

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