March 29, 2013

SHOCKER:  POLITICALLY CORRECT CURRICULUM IS BAD FOR STUDENTS:  Just ask Texas, most of which has been using the PC curriculum called CSCOPE for about 8 years:

The percentages of students scoring “unsatisfactory” on the new State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness/End-Of-Course tests illustrate the problem.

For Algebra 1 students, 13.74 percent in non-CSCOPE schools scored unsatisfactorily; for students in CSCOPE schools, it was 20.35 percent. For Biology 1, those who ranked unsatisfactory in non-CSCOPE schools totaled 10.5 percent; for CSCOPE schools it was 14.86 percent.

For English Writing 1, the figures were 39. 48 percent for non-CSCOPE schools, and 46.3 percent for CSCOPE schools. For geography, 17.78 percent of students in non-CSCOPE schools were unsatisfactory and 23.30 percent of those in CSCOPE schools.

Monitoring our kids’ early curriculum is critically important.  Failure to do this vigorously is one reason why so many bright young people don’t have a clue about American history and our Constitution.  If they don’t get this information in elementary and high school, it will be far, far too late by the time they get to college or graduate school, which are taught overwhelmingly by liberal/progressive professors, many of whom have an overt political agenda or affiliation.
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