March 27, 2013

UNION-BACKED IMMIGRATION POISON PILLS:   RedState reports on several AFL-CIO backed immigration reform proposals likely to derail Gang of Eight consensus, including Obamacare coverage, high minimum wages, and entry for the family of guest workers.  RedState asks:

Why would Obama, his Democrat surrogates and AFL-CIO bosses talk about immigration reform as though they are for it, then endanger it by trying to insert poison-pill amendments that they know will kill its chances?

The answer can only be: Politics.

The reality is, unions–especially building trade unions (many of whose members remain unemployed)–cannot afford to have more non-union competition.

This is especially true now, as Obama’s NLRB faces a very uncertain future (see Noel Canning) and their means to hold “ambush elections” remain on hold for the foreseeable future.

Rather, like they are with the minimum wage issue, it seems that Barack Obama and his union-boss buddies (as they have in the past) are more interested in ensuring they keep Latinos at bay–by blaming Republicans for immigration reform failure–while keeping them firmly in their pockets politically.

By talking out one side of their mouths that they are pro-reform to Latinos and low information voters, then cynically trying to push radical poison pills up the backside of America, they are playing a cruel game with Latinos’ dreams.


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