March 21, 2013

SHOCKINGLY, YOU CAN’T SAVE CITIES WITH HIPSTER SUBSIDIES: Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class. “The so-called creative class of intellects and artists was supposed to remake America’s cities and revive urban wastelands. Now the evidence is in—and the experiment appears to have failed. . . . Burning money trying to become ‘cooler’ ends up looking something like the metropolitan equivalent to a midlife crisis. . . . the creative class doesn’t have much in the way of coattails.”

Shockingly, “largely childless” demographics don’t do much for growth. Plus: “The fastest job growth has taken place in regions—Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Omaha—whose economies are based not on ‘creative’ industries but on less fashionable pursuits such as oil and gas, agriculture and manufacturing.”

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