March 17, 2013

ANN ALTHOUSE not impressed with Gail Collins’ attack on Ted Cruz. “This woman-defending-woman column ends with a recipe metaphor. Is that good gender politics? It resonates with what I think is Collins’s effort to make us see this interplay between 2 U.S. Senators in terms of a man patronizing a woman.” If you can’t respond to a guy who’s been in the Senate for ten weeks, when you’ve been in the Senate forever, without playing the “damsel in distress” card, then you shouldn’t be in the Senate. So I guess the takeaway from Collins’ piece is that DiFi should resign in favor of someone more . . . masculine.

Plus, from the comments: “The media is testing their modes of attack against Cruz. Is he wacky, scary, a McCarthy; arrogant etc. They have to find the right theme that will stick so they can destroy him.”

And they’re so anxious to destroy him because he’s Latino.

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