February 24, 2013

HOPEY-CHANGEY: Soaring gas costs leave consumers anxious about economy. “The government regularly issues reports on unemployment, housing starts and manufacturers’ output to track the economy’s progress. But for the average person, the top economic indicator is the price he or she pays at the pump, experts said. And at a time of record-high gas prices — combined with long-term joblessness, greater personal debt and paychecks reduced by higher taxes — the consumers whose spending drives the economy are unwilling, or unable, to part with their money.”

Plus: “Anybody who’s not depressed, doesn’t know what’s going on.” Nonsense. For the 1% it’s a boon: They can pay for the gas, and there’ll be less traffic on the road and no lines at the pumps. Thanks, President Obama, for energy policies that keep the hoi polloi in their place!

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