February 17, 2013

ROGER SIMON: Benghazi: The Motion Picture.

One story, however, cries out for cinematic dramatization — Benghazi.

It is concise and highly dramatic. And mysteries abound – just where was the president of the United States that night our ambassador and others were under terror attack in North Africa? Why wasn’t Obama directly involved? Why did the secretary of State pay so little attention? Just what was our ambassador to Libya doing in Benghazi that night anyway? Why were the perpetrators allowed to escape? Why did the president lie for weeks about what transpired, trying to make a hopeless video nobody saw seem the cause of the event? And why were his lies covered up by CNN’s Candy Crowley? Why was no attempt made to save our people in the first place? (I could go on, but you get the drift.)

Though I could guess (and the Daily Mail has some theories), I don’t know the definitive answer to any of these questions, but I do know one thing: If I did… if anybody did… know the truth, Benghazi would be one helluva movie. And a commercial one.

But would anybody make it?

Good question.

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