February 13, 2013

ACTUALLY, AND WEIRDLY, MY SENSE OF SMELL HAS BEEN IMPROVING OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS: Sense of Smell Declines With Age. “Human olfactory powers degrade as the years go by, resulting in a detectable loss by the time many people reach their 30s. Gradually, it can deteriorate to the point where people are unable to notice the odor of rancid food or a household gas leak. . . . By age 60, about half of people will experience a reduction in their ability to smell, and by age 80, about three-fourths will.”

I don’t know why my sense of smell is better. Resveratrol? It’s not all roses — one of the things I can smell now that I used to be unable to is skunk. I thought I was one of those who are genetically unable to smell it. Apparently not!

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