February 13, 2013

HERE’S DAVE HARDY’S LETTER TO TED CRUZ on the “assault weapon” fiction and gun control. Excerpt:

An “assault rifle” is by definition full automatic (also known as select fire). A semiautomatic version is simply a semiautomatic rifle of less power than WWII semiautomatic rifles.

So what is the origin of the idea that there is such a thing as a “semiautomatic assault rifle,” and that it is somewhere especially dangerous? Back in the 1990s, the Violence Policy Center, an antigun group, issued a report that proposed making such rifles a focus, because in the popular mind they were easily confused with fully automatic firearms. It essentially proposed a public relations campaign based on deception.

An attack on recognized constitutional rights, based upon deception and taking advantage of mistaken popular impressions, seems questionable to anyone who holds a commitment to the Constitution. Let us go into more detail.

Read the whole thing.

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