February 6, 2013


Internet retail is just more efficient than the brick-and-mortar variety, and not only because it can avoid huge real estate costs. New companies like Warby Parker and Frank & Oak are offering free “home try-on” for their products. Indochino sends customized clothing straight to your door, without a visit to the tailor. Other web outlets offer flash sales and other digital promotions that traditional, physical retailers just aren’t able to compete with.

A more efficient and sustainable retail system is just one of the many ways in which the Internet is contributing to the greening of America. Think about how much greenhouse gas emissions will be saved when no one has to drive to and from the mall just to get a new pair of jeans.

Greens, shockingly, have met this trend not with rejoicing but with deafening silence.

I, on the other hand, predicted this years ago.

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