January 23, 2013

JAMES TARANTO: Bitter Clingers Again: The Bigotry Behind The Push For Gun Control. “Marshall’s objection is not merely to guns but to a ‘tribe’ of people with an ‘alien’ culture that is ‘invading’ places that belong to his own kind. Is he unaware of how this sounds, or is he deliberately employing the language of bigotry in order to be provocative?”

Plus: “We notice two things these three men have in common. First, there is no indication any of them have ever misused a gun, either accidentally or deliberately–in contrast to Marshall’s correspondent, who nonetheless evinces a smug sense of his own superiority over them. Second, they all have eccentric political views, which Marshall’s correspondent seems to think is an argument for taking away their guns. Never mind the Second Amendment, do these guys even respect the First?”

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