January 16, 2013

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Where the unmarried guys are. “Ladies, they are not on the east coast. Here’s a map to guide you, but of course, you won’t go there. That’s why the imbalance exists. You won’t go there. But you guys, in New York and Massachusetts (and #1, my home state, Delaware), you have rich pickings in the female-heavy disproportion, where you can continue to behave in ways that women will angst over in the pages of the New York Times, which the guys in North Dakota and Alaska and Wyoming probably don’t read, but if they did, would they shed a tear for you? Of course not. They’re out in the fracking oil fields being sweaty and manly…. Oh, the sexy married life you could have together! But the NYT would have you believe the men out there are a bunch of sexist louts.”

UPDATE: Related item here.

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