January 13, 2013

ROGER KIMBALL: Piers Morgan, Filleted.

Ben Shapiro’s satisfying dismantling of Piers Morgan on CNN over the issue of gun control has been getting some of the plaudits it deserves. . . .

Others have celebrated Ben’s performance. Here I’d like to underscore two points.

One concerns Morgan’s attitude towards the Constitution. At one point in the interview, Ben handed Morgan a copy of the Constitution and invited him to ponder the language of the Second Amendment. A few minutes later, Morgan’s handed it back to him dismissively: Here’s “your little book.” The Constitution of the United States is “your little book”?

The other point concerns the point Ben made toward the end of the interview. One of the reasons the Founders framed the Second Amendment, he pointed out, was to arm citizens against the possibility of a tyrannous government.

Read the whole thing.

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