January 11, 2013

POINTS AND FIGURES: Everyone’s Moving Away. “People are leaving the less fiscally sound states for other states that are in better fiscal shape. They are also starting to follow jobs. Job growth in states like California has been anemic compared to states like Texas. . . . Long term trends for states that aren’t increasing their populations are not good. The productive classes are leaving. That leaves behind the very wealthy, and the people on government assistance.”

UPDATE: Reader J.C. Rhoades sees a downside:

We should be wary of succumbing to excessive Schadenfreude…I lived in Monument, CO for three years after retiring from the military and in that time watched the beginnings of the exodus from California. All the lefties flowed into that beautiful, then fairly conservative state and turned it into LA East. Granted, the Peoples’ Republic of Boulder has always been proto-totalitarian and Denver, being a large city, was suffering a Blue infestation but the Left Coasties, like termites leaving a hollowed-out house, came in from Kollyfornia and tipped the Rocky Mountain state into the Dem column for a generation.

I just hope to God that doesn’t happen to, say, Texas or Wyoming or Louisiana.

Yes, we need an education/orientation program for blue-state refugees. Perhaps the State Policy Network folks could put something together.

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