January 10, 2013

SO WHILE PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT LIMBAUGH AND THE GUARDIAN, let me note that he doesn’t just boost capitalism, he successfully practices it. I ordered some of his iced tea on Monday night, and it showed up — free shipping — at my door on Wednesday morning, less than 36 hours later. It’s good tea, too.

It’s interesting because most talk-radio people have a side business selling books, coffee mugs, or whatever. But this is a completely different line of business, with an actual freestanding product, and it seems to be quite well run.

UPDATE: Reader Dan Parker emails:

Just a quick note to thank you for your post mentioning Rush’s Two If By Tea.

One thing you didn’t mention in your post that I’d like to highlight is that purchases of this product, in addition to supporting a capitalist in the act of practicing what he preaches, have also helped generate a significant amount of donations to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation.

MC-LEF (disclosure – I’m on the Board of Directors) provides academic scholarships for the children of US Marines and Federal Law Enforcement (FBI, Secret Service) who are killed in action. We are operated almost entirely by volunteers, and so are able to contribute more than 99% of every donation directly to the families of the fallen. Since 1995, we have awarded more than $54 million in scholarships.

Rush describes the relationship at this link, but I thought your readers would like to know.


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