January 9, 2013

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Libertarian Boyfriends Are Great Relationship Material. “Friedman appears to have taken her notions about libertarians from a Very Special Episode of Sex in the City rather than, from, say, observing actual libertarians. . . . So perhaps it’s useful to offer the perspective of someone who’s observed the species in its native habitat. Unlike Friedman (and I presume, Frum), I have dated a bunch of libertarian guys … and a bunch of liberal guys … and a few social conservatives for good measure. And I’m here to report that libertarians make terrific relationship material. . . . The ones I’ve dated have actually been super considerate, and very concerned with pulling their own weight, though I couldn’t say whether this is random chance, or the natural outgrowth of a value system that emphasizes voluntary, mutually beneficial cooperation. I will say that it is unusually easy to divide chores with someone who favors simple, rules-based systems for cooperation. Libertarians are also surprisingly good at romantic surprises.”

UPDATE: Reader Lin Wicklund writes:

Absolutely agree!!! Tom became my Secretary when we were both elected to offices Minnesota State Libertarian Party (I was State Chair). We were friends for years, lost track of each other (and both left the Libertarian Party). But he called me out of the blue, and we went on our first date. We’ve been married for 25 years, and have two kids (19 and 22). Yep, he’s fantastic. Would absolutely do it all again in a flash. I never put it together with him being libertarian, though. I thought my mom had prayed hard enough to conjure him up!

Libertarians make good wives, too.

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