January 7, 2013

REMEMBERING CHUCK HAGEL’S ROLE IN DERAILING KYOTO. “The Byrd-Hagel resolution was essentially a missile aimed at the Clinton administration that said Don’t even think of bringing this crap treaty to the Senate if it doesn’t include India and China. It passed by a vote of 97 – 0; think of who was included in that vote for this to happen — such prominent ‘climate deniers’ as Babs Boxer and John Kerry. . . . I wonder what Al Gore thinks of this nomination? (He’s probably too busy counting his new Arab oil millions. Heh.) I wonder if the environmentalists will say something cross about Hagel. Not everyone on the Left has forgotten this. The Daily Kos Kids have their knickers bunched up at least.”

UPDATE: Randy Barnett emails: “What’s the chance that the Hagel nomination is about Obama’s next nominee for Defense, who’ll get waived through if Hagel is defeated?”

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