January 5, 2013

GOOD NEWS FOR ALL YOU UNEMPLOYED LAW GRADS: Case Western Dean: There’s No Oversupply of Lawyers. Yay!

UPDATE: He’s not winning many friends in the comments. And note this one:

Larry Mitchell was my corporations prof at GW. He was very big on teaching us the evils of corporations; the horrors of conflicts of interests amongst corporate boardmembers; and how badly minority shareholders could be treated due to a lack of voting power. The final exam was a joke – something to the effect of, “if you were going to rewrite Delaware corporate law, how would you do it?” But the evils of Big Academia? Conflicts of interest between university administrators and law students? How badly those law school administrators are treating their potential and actual students? Blinders…

As I keep saying, any other industry that behaved toward its customers as higher education does would be widely vilified.

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