January 2, 2013

NICK GILLESPIE: Why Fiscal Cliff Deal is Terrible – But Will Lead to Lower Spending and Smaller Government.

UPDATE: Conn Carroll:

Remember, Obama’s first offer was for a $1.6 trillion tax hike and an infinite debt limit hike. Boehner countered with $800 billion. The final deal was for only $600 billion.

How is that not a “win” for Republicans?

MORE: Was the left taken to the cleaners? “The Democrats have made the Bush tax rates permanent for 98 percent of the public, which Republicans couldn’t even do when they controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency.”

Yeah, but there’s this rule: Anything less than a 100% victory for the GOP is instead a major victory for the Dems, according to all Democrats and most Republicans.

STILL MORE: Bob Krumm is very unhappy.

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