December 31, 2012

ROGER KIMBALL: Lefts tend to be dour people with no laughter in their hearts. “Why do they tend to be dour people with no laughter in their hearts? Because they regard life as a zero-sum game. . . . It’s a curious thing. Leftists are supposed to be the caring, sharing part of the political fraternity. In point of historical fact, it is an easy thing to demonstrate that their caring has always been more a rhetorical than an actual strategy and that their sharing has been accomplished overwhelmingly with other people’s goods. That said, however, there is still the fact that Leftists are hailed by their enablers as the non-crabby politicians, the people who come into office promising two things: More and Free. How odd it is, then, that they should also be the folks who harbor an unshakeable belief that the universe is a stingy, scarcity driven machine whose iron law is that if A does well, B must do poorly.”

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