December 31, 2012

THE ELEPHANT IN THE COURTROOM: The Big Top beats an abusive lawsuit by the ASPCA. “The case is an example of how the ASPCA has become increasingly politicized and much different from the nice outfit that looks out for the well-being of homeless and lovable dogs and cats.” This is true of many ostensibly warm-and-fuzzy do-gooding nonprofits.

UPDATE: Reader Alan Cole writes: “After recent news broke about the big judgment against ACPCA in the circus elephant case, I have been noticing lots more TV commercials soliciting contributions to ASPCA — to rescue poor abused doggies & kitties & horsies, etc., from harm. By me, Truth In Advertising would dictate that ASPCA disclose that what it really needs the money for is to pay $9,300,000 to Ringling Bros.” Heh. I’ve noticed those ads too.

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