December 27, 2012

TALKLEFT: Are Gun Owners Now Going To Be Stigmatized Like Sex Offenders? “I think it’s an attempt at intimidation. I wonder if any of those whose addresses were published are immediate family members of federal officials or employees, and covered by 18 USC Section 119, which prohibits publishing home addresses for intimidation. Or if the internet publication of home addresses of gun owners can be considered cyber stalking, cyber-bullying, harassment or invasion of privacy under state laws? Just because the information is available under a FOIA request, does that mean it can be publicly disseminated? I’m sure they checked with their lawyers and felt like they were on safe ground, but I hope somebody sues them.”

Of course, my first thought on seeing the map was “That’s more gun owners than I would have expected for such a deep-blue area where guns are demonized.” Instead of marginalizing people, the effect may be more like How bad can it be if so many respectable people are doing it?

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