December 23, 2012

MY MENTION THE OTHER DAY of the Orgreenic Frying Pan produced this email from reader Scott Boone:

I know you probably don’t want to do a whole big bleg on cookware, but I saw your post earlier on the Orgreenic frypans. Of course, you’ve used them personally, so that’s a pretty strong endorsement, I wanted to throw a hat in the ring for SCANPAN too. I’ve been using mine for years and it is awesome! They were one of the first ceramic-coated nonsticks, I believe. (ceramic titanium…oooooh) They’re more expensive than the Orgreenic, but have a lifetime warranty (a Danish company that’s been around) and you can use METAL UTENSILS with them! And I do, regularly–forks, knives, turners–never a problem. Can cook a steak tonight and do an omelet or fried eggs tomorrow morning. Really fantastic cookware.

Also, another kitchen essential that I think NO chef should be without, a good silicone spatula/spoon.

(I don’t personally like the black color, I have white…and a red one, for tomato sauces. But looks like Amazon doesn’t have those in stock right now.But this design is great; all enclosed construction with no wood or stick-hole to trap nasty bacteria. Yuck.)

Maybe I’ll try the Scanpan out next time I’m looking for nonstick cookware. It’s pricier, but the construction quality seems higher.

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