December 18, 2012

BILL QUICK PULLS NO PUNCHES: “The NYT is not ‘perpetuating myths,’ it is consciously and knowlingly lying with malice aforethought in an effort to push through various gun ban and confiscation laws which it greatly desires. To pretend that they are making error in good conscience is the myth that needs to be destroyed here. None of the facts Carney so painstakingly lays out here – and this is only the ten thousandth, or ten millionth, time these facts have been carefully and publicly, pointed out – are hard to come by. In fact, if you are honest, they are impossible to avoid. The NYT is not honest.” They’ve certainly had plenty of time to learn the truth, if they cared to.

And if this bothers you, you might want to call your Senators and Congressmember and tell them you’re opposed to any new laws restricting your rights, and not to give in to media bullying. And you might pay special attention to Moe Lane’s list of vulnerable Senate Democrats in 2014.

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