December 10, 2012

DEMOCRATS AND TAX HIKES: Giving It To Them Good And Hard. “We Republicans might also want to reconsider our blind opposition to estate taxes. Presently there are many huge trusts, including the Ford Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, the MacArthur Foundation, and multi-billion dollar college endowments. Many of these organizations do good work, but most now bankroll left-wing groups and causes while they pay their executives huge salaries. Ordinarily, the Democrats would loudly oppose allowing the wealthy to continue influencing U.S. policy even after they are in the grave, but they fall silent because so many of these foundations may have started as conservative organizations but now firmly veer to the Left. Thus, it might behoove Republicans to see whether these foundations, which frequently support bigger and more expensive government, might want to support larger government by paying their fair share of taxes as well.” Plus many other ideas for “targeted” tax increases.

Pass ’em in the House, send ’em to the Senate, and then make popcorn.

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