December 7, 2012

THIS IS PATHETIC: Staffer axed by Republican group over retracted copyright-reform memo: Big Content doesn’t like the GOP advocating for copyright changes.

Reader Matt Thullen emails:

Dear Prof. Reynolds:

Although I should have learned by now, I’m simply astounded at the treatment of Derek Khanna by the GOP leadership. I’m starting to entertain the possibility that John Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership are deep sleeper agents planted by the Democratic party decades ago who are now just being summoned into action.

Here is the message that I just sent to John Campbell, my congressman:

Dear Congressman Campbell:

I’ve been a pretty loyal Republican since 1990, but I think I’ve just about had it. The proverbial straw that is breaking the back of this GOP camel is your treatment of Derek Khanna.

Here is a guy who simply proposes to reform an area that could use reform. His ideas would also not only help make the GOP more acceptable to younger voters, but would also stick a thumb in the eye of Hollywood and the major entertainment companies–the same companies that massively fund the Democratic party, and whose products constantly and incessantly denigrate Republicans, conservatives, church-going people and the values that made this a great country. It is no exaggeration to note that the reason that so many young voters vote for Democrats is due to the constant message from the products of major entertainment companies that Republicans are hateful, repressed and nasty people, while liberals and Democrats are cool, accepting, good people.

To see the GOP screw over itself and its core constituents simply to mollify big business is one of the more idiotic things I’ve seen the GOP leadership ever do, and that’s saying a lot. It’s one thing to reject Mr. Khanna’s plan. It’s quite another to toss him out of the Congressional staff, which is an action that is designed to stop anyone from any type of innovative thinking at the Congressional level.

This is a party whose current leadership seems bent on suicide. The GOP, under its current leadership, seems to have no greater interest than to simply perpetuate its elected members at the expense of principle, strategy or leadership. Instead of exploring ways to broaden its appeal and at the same time stop providing aid and comfort to those who wish to destroy the party, the GOP leadership is more interested in trying to live down to the stereotypes that the U.S. entertainment industry perpetuate about the party–that it is beholden to big business.

Matt Thullen

Yes, it’s stupid.

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