December 4, 2012

VIA THE COMMENTS AT ANN ALTHOUSE’S, I ran across this rather cool cover of Stuck In The Middle With You by Susanna Hoffs, which I had somehow missed before.

And here’s a cool cover of Cinnamon Girl by her and Matthew Sweet. Very nice, though I have to say Hoffs has held up a lot better than Sweet, appearance-wise. Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend may have been the last song that I heard on the radio and then went directly to a record store to buy the album. The drum/guitar/bass/harpsichord break is pure genius. I saw him on that tour at the Bijou in Knoxville and it was a good show, though the t-shirt girl said he was a “brat.” To my knowledge, he never actually dated Tuesday Weld.

And, while we’re at it, Different Drum. And, Does She Talk? Can you spot the Caddyshack reference? The Ghostbusters reference is kind of obvious. You’re gonna like it!

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