December 2, 2012

THE NEXT BIG THING: CoEd Fraternities And Sororities.

If women live in a fraternity, is it still a fraternity? Can a sorority house men?

Most people would probably say no. At least, not by today’s standards.

But officials at Trinity College in Connecticut aren’t thinking about today’s standards. They’re thinking about the standards of 2023. That’s why they’re requiring Greek life to go coed.

It’s part of a strategic plan to improve the sense of community and image of the college, where students tend to run in cliques, retention rates have declined slightly, and social culture has grown out of proportion to academic life, said Frederick Alford, dean of students.

It’s sounding more and more like the world of Fred Saberhagen’s 1985 political-correctness dystopia in Love Conquers All. But the world’s looking like that a lot — at least when it’s not looking like Fallen Angels.

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