November 28, 2012

UH OH: Dan Mitchell: The No-Tax-Hike Pledge Is an IQ Test for Republicans.

Eugene Robinson is one of the group-think columnists at the Washington Post. Like E.J. Dionne, he is an utterly predictable proponent of big government. So it won’t surprise you to know that he wants taxes to go up and he’s a big fan of Obama’s class-warfare agenda.

He’s also a very partisan Democrat and wants the GOP to lose. Again, that’s not exactly a stunning revelation.

So when someone like Eugene Robinson starts offering advice to the Republican Party about tax policy, a logical person instantly should be suspicious that he’s actually trying to advance his own ideological and partisan agenda. . . . In this spirit, Mr. Robinson wants the GOP to abandon the no-tax-hike pledge.

George H.W. Bush did that. He was hailed as a conciliator for a day, then savaged brutally by the same press until he lost the 1992 election.

That said, I’m prepared to forgive a lot if the GOP will get behind repealing the Hollywood Tax Cuts, and support my 50% surtax on “excess” post-government earnings by federal officials.

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