November 14, 2012

DEFENESTRATED: “By all accounts, the driving force behind Mr. Petraeus’s departure last Friday was the revelation about his extramarital affair with his biographer. But new details about Mr. Petraeus’s last days at the CIA show the extent to which the Benghazi attacks created a climate of interagency finger-pointing. That undercut the retired four-star general’s backing within the Obama administration as he struggled with the decision to resign. . . . Many officials say Mr. Petraeus didn’t act like someone who intended to resign as he mounted an aggressive defense of the CIA over Benghazi a week before Mr. Clapper was told about the affair.”

But didn’t Petraeus say that the President allowed him to resign? This story reads as if it’s sourced mostly with Petraeus enemies within the Administration. . . . Jan Masaryk was unavailable for comment, though he was wearing pajamas when last sighted.

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