November 8, 2012

I MEANT TO POST THIS BEFORE BUT WE HAD DINNER GUESTS: Thank you, Glenn for the opportunity to trade my little blogging tricycle for a share in the Ferrari of blogs for a little while.  And thank you to all my co-bloggers who made this so interesting.

As to the results, I don’t now.  I don’t think we’ve crossed the point of no-return, but last night’s work won’t be fully undone by the time my life is over.  And that’s if we’re very lucky.  However, we go on.  We go on because we must go on and because we’re Americans and if Americans don’t do it, who will? And the very first thing we must straight up is the voting process.  If people who shouldn’t vote, they steal your vote as surely as if you’re denied the right to vote.

If anyone has any interest in visiting, I normally blog at According To Hoyt.  And if you look up my name on Amazon (use Glenn’s search on the side of the blog), you’ll find I write a few things, in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery and Historical Mystery.  Who knows?  Some of it might appeal to you.  Also, till the end of the year, I’m going to try to keep a short  story free at all times.  I don’t have one right now, due to the election, but one will go up this weekend.  A painless way to try my stuff.

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