November 7, 2012

ROGER KIMBALL: The Morning After. “Romney never quite closed the deal and Obama’s efforts to paint him as an out-of-touch plutocrat eager to conduct a ‘war on women’ succeeded. For conservatives, it is a depressing situation.”

UPDATE: A reader emails:

On the blogs I read and comment on (not counting yours, really), I’ve seen far, far too many blog entries and comments lamenting our imminent collapse, our impending distruction, our slow (or rapid) descent into Hell, and so forth, all because we re-elected Mr. Obama. My humble request — can we hold off on the end-of-the-world stuff a while longer? We aren’t there yet. Not even close. The United States is a far more complicated and resilient organism than we give it credit for. Whatever’s ahead we’ll tackle, and it won’t matter much who’s president.

I agree. I think the conservatives are taking it harder than the libertarians because (1) conservatives tend toward gloom; and (2) libertarians are used to being unhappy with elections. Even when our guy wins!

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