November 5, 2012

HECKUVA JOB, BLOOMIE: Mayor Bloomberg’s Response to Sandy Leaves Many New Yorkers Out in the Cold. “The mayor has brilliantly stage-managed his handling of the storm, but outside the city’s affluent precincts numerous angry residents feel abandoned by his administration as days have passed and help has remained distant.” Ray Kelly not looking so good either. Plus this:

In any event, we had only two FEMA sightings over the day while driving over much of the island—a phone number for them written in marker on the back of an OEM trailer at Midland, and eight people wearing FEMA Corps light blue jackets huddled outside a Hess Express, seeming oblivious to or disinterested in the huge line of cars on the road beside them.

Not very impressive. But hey, there’s an election on.

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