November 4, 2012

I WENT TO THE RALLY IN DENVER: tried to get a panorama of the crowd, but unfortunately it had started getting dark and my camera is not that good.  (Yes, yes, it is on the wish list, but things must be bought first which affect the writing…)

Anyway, as you see, “Obama” appeared before Mitt:

Yes, I do realize it’s a silly joke.  BUT it is fun.

Mitt and Ann DID appear:

A youngish crowd and the 18000 person capacity “Comfort Dental” Fiddler’s Green amphitheater seemed filled to capacity.  Mitt was visibly moved by the size of the crowd.  There also appeared to my eye to be more women than men.

The energy level was incredible, even though it got very cold.  My voice is QUITE gone.  I don’t remember screaming, but my family tells me I did.

Mind you, this was one of two appearances in the state today.

Mittmentum.  We have it.

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