October 25, 2012

PROF. JACOBSON: Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare — Transcript released but her client’s still gagged. “Reports from inside the courtroom in Boston at which The Boston Globe is seeking access to Mitt Romney’s testimony in the divorce case of the founder of Staples indicate that the Judge will authorize the release of the transcript to The Globe, but will not lift the gag order on the parties to the divorce, including Gloria Allred’s Mormon-hating client, Maureen SulLivan. . . . It will be up to The Globe and other media to spin the transcript against Romney, which they certaily will do, but Allred will not be at the center of that circus.”

Plus this: “Romney’s lawyer says the Gov. has no problem having his testimony made public.”

Also: “The Globe, of course, has not gone to court seeking access to Harvard’s federal filings, including documents signed by Elizabeth Warren, which might bring down Warren.” Democratic operatives with bylines.

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