October 23, 2012

THE JEWISH VOTE & THE BRADLEY EFFECT:  Ira Sharkansky at the Jerusalem Post suggests that there may be a “Bradley effect” at play among Jewish voters in the presidential election.  His definition of the Bradley effect is somewhat different, I think, than the typical one offered– namely, that voters will say they are going to vote for a non-white candidate, only to vote against the non-white candidate in the privacy of the voter booth.  The implication, then, is that there is some racial animosity going on.

But what Sharkansky suggests is actually something different, methinks: That Jewish voters will publicly maintain their allegiance to President Obama, but end up voting against him this November– not because he’s black, but because of his overtly anti-Israeli actions.  It’s a  symptom of political correctness syndrome, a nasty, ubiquitous, and contagious disease.

In an email exchange with an American Jewish colleague, Sharkansky received this confession:

My best friends would disown me, and I would lose all credibility and professional effectiveness, if I came out of the closet as an Obama-skeptic, let alone a potential Romney voter.

Ah, sweet, sweet political correctness!  Just ask black Republican congressional contender Mia loveOr actress Stacey Dash.

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